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Fćrsluflokkur: Gyđingahatur

Ţegar ţjóđkirkjan birtir hatur


Eftirfarandi málsgrein birtist í Árbók Kirkjunnar 2015-2016

Gyđingahatur er ţekkt fyrirbćri sem menn passa sig almennt á og jafnvel stundum gengiđ heldur langt í ađ fordćma hluti sem gyđingahatur, en passa sig á ţví hvernig talađ er um ţau trúarbrögđ. Nú, hvađ varđar íslam, ţá hefur ţađ veriđ skilgreint sem geđröskun ađ gagnrýna íslam, kallađ íslamofobia. Menn ţurfi beinlínis ađ vera geđveikir ađ tala á gagnrýninn hátt um íslam.

Eigandi orđanna var einu sinni forsćtisráđherra. Ţví hefđi ég ekki trúađ, vissi ég ekki ađ einhver sem heitir Sigmundur Davíđ Gunnlaugsson skrifađi ţetta ţvađur. Skömmin er ţjóđkirkjunnar ađ birta ţennan ósóma og kirkjuţingi 2015 ađ sitja undir slíku mótmćlalaust.

Sigurđur Davíđ kenndi einnig gyđingum um fall sitt úr embćtti forsćtisráđherra eins og margfrćgt er orđiđ. Sjá t.d. hér.

Skömm sé ţjóđkirkjunni á Íslandi ađ birta ţetta mođ, og ekki síđur Alţingi ađ hafa ekki enn úthýst ţessum siđlausa furđufugli íslenskra stjórnmála. Ţađ sem hann hefur gert sig sekan um er langt undir öllum stolnum hellum. Engin uppreist getur bjargađ honum.

Here comes the Circumcision Police

Kempner 1
It is worth knowing that the now world famous anti-circumcision bill in Iceland uses the Icelandic word líkamsárás about circumcision of male children. Let me translate this word for you. Literally it means a bodily attack. Definitions like a bodily attack, molestation, child molestation etc. are widely used by anti-circumcision activist. Their primitive vocabulary doesn´t match their allegedly noble issue.

Despite of the rogue and misleading vocabulary of anti-circumcision activists and their often more or less anti-Semitic and Islamophobe supporters, the anti-circumcision bill in Iceland preposes punishment for circumcision of male children with up to 6 years in prison for those who might violate the preposed addition to the penal code, which they are trying to introduce to criminalize circumcision of a religious practice. Yes, I wrote penal code (the criminal legislation). This is not a law about a health issue and protection of children. This is a bill which criminalizes a religious practice of Jews and Muslims - which should be protected by the Freedom of religion acts in the Icelandic law and the constitution of Iceland.

Please imagine this scenario: 

The Icelandic circumcision police enters the buildings, where Jews and Muslims live. See before you how their special squad runs up the stairs, brakes down the doors and apprehends the parents of illegally circumcised children, who are taken from their parents, while they are left in an Icelandic prison for six years.

Please apologize if your imagination gives similar images in you mind, to a Gestapo-raid.  Do the people who propose the introduction to a circumcision ban into the Penal code of Iceland, realize what kind of horrors they might be afflicting on the the children, whose parents will be sent to prison because they wanted their sons to follow the religion and practices of their ancestors?

Some of you might now be thinking: He is pulling the Hitler-card out of his hat. But no, there is not magic hat nor a bag of tricks. I leave those methods to the opponents of religious circumcision. With my Gestapo-vision transferred to a stairway in Reykjavík, one might think I was Hitlerizing the opponent. Let me enlighten you. Mrs. Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, the primary  presenter of the anti-circumcision penal code addition in Iceland is a member of the old Icelandic political Party, Framsóknarflokkur (Progressive Party), which today is defined as a centre-right, populist and agrarian party.

Originally and traditionally Framsóknarflokkur was a conservative and nationalistic farmers´ party, the equivalent to similar agrarian parties in Scandinavia. This party was the most ardent opponent against Jewish asylum seekers in Iceland in the 1930s.  The Framsóknarflokkur was the most active political entity in preventing Jews in finding  safe haven in the country, even more so than the non-parliamentary Icelandic Nazi party.  Gunnarsdóttir´s party caused the "NO", which Jewish refugees received as responses to their asylum requests. Most of the people writing to the Icelandic embassy in Copenhagen, or Danish embassies and consulates [who took care of Icelandic intrestes ] in Nazi Germany and Anschluss-Austria were killed in the Holocaust. When Jews, who made it to Iceland, like young Alfred Kempner did, was expelled in 1939, the officials who all were members of the Framsóknarflokkur wrote a letter to the authorities in Norway and Denmark, in which the Icelandic Police director wrote:

I take the liberty of requesting, that the [Danish] Police, if he might not recieve a residents permit in Denmark, takes care of his further deportation to Germany. The costs for occurring expenses by this will of course be taken care of here.

Hermann Jónasson (Framsóknarflokkur) the Icelandic foreign minister in 1937 told C.A.C. Brun, a Danish diplomat in the Danish Embassy in Reykjavík who was deeply engaged in helping Jews in Reykjavík, that he would give a one year extension to the residents permit for the Jewish family Rottberger from Berlin, but foreign minister Jónasson added:

It is a principal, Iceland has always been a pure Nordic country, free of Jews, and those who have come here in later years must leave again.

If one looks at the supporters of the anti-Circumcision bill, it is obvious that a small proportion of them have high values relating to worries about pain and side effects for a circumcised child. The wast majority of supporters, however (an this can easily be witnessed in public discussions in Iceland), are still thinking like xenophobes, just as Hermann Jónasson did in 1937 - about the pure Nordic race of Iceland. 

Alfred Kempner, who came from Leipzig, in a Danish mugshot from 1940, when the Danes were trying to get the German occupants to deport him to Germany. The ilustration at the beginning of the essay is my vision of the apprehension fo Kempner in Reykjavík before he was expelled to Denmark.

The Framsóknaflokkur has never apologized for its anti-Semitic agenda in the past. They were also among other parties in Iceland who asked the American forces based in Iceland for decades not to bring black servicemen to Iceland nor those of Slavonic or Jewish extraction. They never came around to apologize for the partys´ racist views before some of their politicians again were involved in a disgusting anti-Muslim and anti-Mosque dialogue which pestered Icelandic public life few years ago.

Recently I spoke to my good friend Felix Rottberger, the first Jew to ever be born in Iceland, back in 1936. He was not circumcised in Iceland. There was no rabbi nor a mohel (Jewish circumciser) in the country. Felix was circumcised in Copenhagen after his family had been expelled from Iceland in 1939. Felix had heard about the anti-circumcision parliament bill in Iceland and gave me his opinion, when I asked him:

I am very sad that the same political party, which expelled me and my family from Iceland, is still trying to exclude Judaism in Iceland and thus preventing Jews from settling there - very sad


Felix Rottberger, who is now 82, with one of his daughters Iris.

Mótmćli til Lettlands


Til ađ mótmćla dýrkun á nasistum og gyđingahöturum sem fćrst hefur mjög í vöxt í Eystrasaltsríkjum, hef ég ritađ utanríkisráđherra Lettlands bréf, sem ég hef sent sendiráđi Lettlands á Íslandi (sem hefur ađsetur í Osló) og beđiđ um ađ erindi mínu verđi komiđ til Riga.

Hér efst sjáiđ ţiđ Utanríkisráđherra Lettlands međ utanríkisráđherra Íslands er sá síđastnefndi leiddi ţing Eystrasaltsráđsins á júní 2017 í Hörpunni:  Ţar sem Ísland er međ í Eystrasalsráđinu, ásamt löndum sem leyfa árlegar göngur nasista, tel ég mig til neyddan til ađ mótmćla og vona ađ lesendur mínir geri ţađ einnig. Hćgt er ađ senda mótmćli sín til lettneska sendiráđsins í Osló: embassy.norway@mfa.gov.lv. Ţiđ megiđ nota mín mótmćli óbreytt, en setiđ ykkar nafn undir. Til ađ lesa ykkur til um hvernig Eystrasaltsríki leyfa göngur nasista og fólks sem afneitar helförinni getiđ ţiđ lesiđ ykkur til á ţessari síđu.


Dear Ambassador of Latvia to Iceland, H. E. Judite Dobele

Is it “the new normal” for Latvia´s foreign minister Edgars Rinkevics - a foreign minister in a EU and NATO member  state - to publicly recommend for high honours a book that spews anti-Semitism and expresses “understanding” for various aspects of the genocide that all but wiped out Latvia´s Jewish  community?

Mr. Edgars Rinkevics has recommend a new book on a pre war Latvian diplomat, Ludwig Seya.  Please read here information for the reason for my question : http://defendinghistory.com/did-latvias-foreign-minister-just-honor-a-nazi-cheerleader-and-proven-antisemite/93928.

I certainly do not hope the recommendation of your countries foreign minister of a book that honours the ugliest form of anti-Semitism is the normal in Latvia. Annual Nazi marches in Latvia´s major cities in later years, where Latvian Nazi collaborators are praised as heroes is enough an insult to citizens of countries that supported Latvian independence in 1991. 

As an Icelandic citizen, a citizen of a nations who supported Latvia´s freedom in 1991, I see Latvia´s foreign ministers praise of a book on a an Latvian anti-Semite as an strange attack on democracy and minorities.  It is an act, which I hope the EU will soon realise is much too common in you good country. An anomaly which I think the Latvians could very well live without. When I supported your independence in 1992. I didn´t expect  free Latvia´s politicians to praise anti-Semites who since 1998 gather in huge annual marches in major cities, and where former Latvian Waffen-SS members,  neo-Nazis and other extremist, who praise murders of Jews and racism, gather on the main streets of Riga. I didn´t support such a state in 1991!

Dear  Ms. Ambassador, please forward these views and my question to your foreign minister in Riga. I hope he will respond to my question. My views will also be published on different websites, where I will publish the response of Mr. Edgars Rinkevics if I receive one.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson
An Icelandic citizen living in the EU

JBH til Janis Jurkans

Silju er illt í typpinu


Nú skal vitaskuld látiđ vađa á typpin. Hefur Framsóknarflokkurinn ekkert annađ ţarfara ađ gera en ađ vasast í typpadýrkun og forhúđarást?

Ógeđfelld samlíking á umskurn drengja og stúlkna er ţađ sem Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir ber hér fram. Flokkurinn hennar var einmitt sá sami og barđist mest fyrir ţví ađ hindra komu umskorinna karla til Íslands á 4. áratug 20. aldar. Hér er ţví ekkert nýtt mál á ferđinni. Hatriđ er enn gríđarlegt međal afdalakynsins á Íslandi.

Múslímahatur og jafnframt gyđingahatur sumra Íslendinga kann sér greinilega engin takmörk. Afkomendur fólks sem skar dýr á háls í gegnum aldirnar á Íslandi hefur líka látiđ banna trúarlega slátrun, sem er nákvćmlega sami hluturinn. Tvískinnungurinn uppmálađur og hatriđ er svo hreint á Íslandi.

Morgunblađiđ bćtir um betur og birtir mynd frá stórađgerđ á kviđarholi til ađ sýna hve agalega hćttuleg umskurn á drengjum sé. Myndafölsun, jú og ekki sú fyrsta í Morgunblađinu.

Fölsun Moggans

Mikiđ er sumt fólk á Íslandi nú jarmandi frumstćtt. Og hvar er hún Sema Erla nú?  Samfylkingalaukurinn, sem heldur ţví fram ađ Tyrkland sé lýđrćđisríki. Sema mun ugglaust verja forhúđina í nafni lýđrćđis síns. En umskurn drengja kemur vitaskuld ekkert lýđnum hiđ minnsta viđ, hvorki Semu né Silju.

Ţó ađ Íslendingar vilji halda sem fastast í leđursvuntuna sína og rćkta hnakkost og vel valdar bakteríur undir henni, ţurfa ţeir ekki ađ banna öđru fólki, og menningarţjóđum, forna siđi.

Tekiđ skal fram ađ myndin efst er ekki af typpi, heldur af Bubba og nýju peysunni hans.

mbl.is Umskurđur brot á réttindum drengja
Tilkynna um óviđeigandi tengingu viđ frétt

Dómgreindarleysi, vanţekking eđa hatur Íslendinga?


" No Israeli Leader Was More Respected Around the World"

Ţannig skrifar fjöldi fjölmiđla í dag ţegar Shimon Peres er allur 92 ára ađ aldri. Hann hlaut friđarverđlaun Nóbels ásamt Arafat áriđ 1994.

Áriđ áđur, í ágúst 1993, var Peres svínađur til ţegar hann heimsótti Ísland. Hópur íslenskra stjórnmálamanna, ţar á međal Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, Steingrímur Hermannsson, Eyjólfur Konráđ Jónsson og Kristín Ásgeirsdóttur fundu ýmislegt ţví til foráttu ađ hitta Shimon Peres. Sumt ađ ţessu fólki flađrađi síđar upp um Arafat eins og lóđatíkur á júlíkvöldi og gleymum ekki ađ sumir lćrđu aldrei af mistökum sínum. Steingrímur Hermannsson, formađur Framsóknarflokksins, sem var sonur mannsins sem leysti "gyđingavanda Íslands" međ brottvikningu gyđinga frá landinu, gerđist á tímabili talsmađur lygaherferđar Arafats (sjá hér). Fyrr í ár kenndi Sigmundur Davíđ Gunnlaugsson, formađur sama flokks, gyđingnum George Soros um pólitískt fall sitt. Viđ getum talađ um hefđ í Framsóknarflokknum.


Davíđ Oddsson og Vigdís Finnbogadóttir sýndu ţó ađ í ţeim bjó heiđarlegt fólk og tóku ţau á móti Peres ásamt nokkrum öđrum heiđursmönnum. 500 manns púuđu hins vegar á Peres ţegar hann kom út úr Stjórnarráđinu eftir ađ hafa hitt forsćtisráđherra.

Ingibjörg Sólrún varđi stríđglćpamanninn Mikson en sótti síđar stuđning fyrir setu stóra-Íslands í Öryggisráđu SŢ hjá morđhundinum Assad (les hér). Enginn samreiđarmanna hennar á Íslandi sá neitt athugavert viđ ţađ. Enginn mótmćlti. Hún taldi ţó allt í sómanum ađ hitta Peres sem forseta Ísraels áriđ 2007.

Mogginn hafđi áriđ 1993 mestar áhyggjur á ađ Peres tćki ekki upp mál Eđvalds Hinrikssonar, ţar sem hann hefđi ekki nćg sönnunargögn. (sjá Moggann 21.ágúst 1993).Ţau komu öll fram í dagsljósiđ og Eđvald Hinriksson (Evald Mikson) var eins og allir vita stríđglćpamađur sem myrti gyđinga og börn og fékk hćli á Íslandi í stríđslok međan ađ gyđingar fengu ţađ ekki í lok 4. áratugarins. Ţannig mismunuđu Íslendingar. Ţannig er dómgreindin í landinu. Gyđingar eru vondir samkvćmt flestum Ísendingum og eyđileggja fyrir frábćrum snillingi eins og Sigmundi Davíđ Gunnlaugssyni, og Íslendingar dćma ávallt rétt, bćđi stríđglćpamennina sína og hryđjuverkamenn og íslenskir morđingjar eru vitaskuld allir saklausir og óréttlćtislega dćmdir.


Shimon Peres á Íslandi 1993


Alţýđublađiđ var helsti gagnrýnandi félaga Verkamannaflokksins ísraelska.

Danish Police and and justice system are mocking justice - once again

Nearly one year after terrorist Omar El-Hussein, who was a Danish citizen, killed two men in Copenhagen, Danish media reports that the Danish police has withheld information regarding the attacks. Omar El-Hussein had a miniature version of the Quran with gilded letters on his person when the Police shot him dead.  Why the Danes and the international community were not supposed to know about this religious detail of the Copenhagen terror attack on 15 February 2015, until it is leaked out to the press nearly one year after the terror attack? That great mystery Justice minister Sřren Pind  and his former colleague Mette Frederiksen, who was the minister of Justice when the terrorist act was committed, now has to clarify to the Danes as well as to the world.



In the late 1940s Danish Police and Ministry of Justice did everything possible not to prosecute Danish terrorists of the Waffen-SS and other units who committed crimes against Jews and other European citizens during WWII. It is seemingly still impossible for Danish authorities to prosecute Danish war criminal at large. In fact Justice Minister Sřren Pind has in a resent letter responding to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, and which took him half a year to write, made it quite clear that Danish authorities are not really willing to clarify all details about Danish terrorism during WWII.

The pathetic tradition of Danish conceal continues.

How come Danish Police authorities hid the fact that a terrorist, who committed a horrific terrorist act in Copenhagen was carrying a copy of the Holy Quran? 

We don't know, whether El-Hussein was carrying the Quoran when killing film director Finn Nřrgaard (55) at a public meeting on Freedom of expression and economist Dan Uzan (37) in front of the Copenhagen main Synagogue where Uzan was volunteering as a guard during a bat mizvah in the Jewish community house behind the synagogue.

But might the fact that the Danish authorities were hiding terrorist Omar El-Hussein's Quran, reveal the importance of the Quran for modern day anti-Semitism and terrorism? Why did the Danish authorities hide El-Hussein's Quran from the public and the press?

Start talking Mr. Pind and Mrs. Frederiksen! Or are you going to tell us that if Omar El-Hussein had carried the full-scale edition of the Quran it could have protected him from the bullets?



An EU member state wants to dance in a Jewish cemetery, with some useful cover from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway

Earlier this year I expressed my personal views in an email to the Lithuanian Human Rights Monitoring Institute, where I urged the Institute to take serious action (or at least issue some minimal statements) against antisemitism in Lithuania rather than just maintaining a ghostly silence about such events as city-centre Nazi marches on independence day and the official state-sponsored glorification of Lithuanian Nazi collaborators and murderers of Jews. There are streets named for these perpetrators!

When my letter was published with some minor linguistic and stylistic editing in DefendingHistory.com, (see also here) the director of the Institute, Ms. Dovilé Sakaliené, who has done nothing as the institute´s director to actively prevent or even just to politely protest antisemitic acts in Lithuania (almost unmentioned on the elaborate expensive website of the Institute), reacted with a fiercely impolite email where she practically accused me of being an emissary of Vladimir Putin. She writes:

"... I have quite a good knowledge of the Icelandic human rights sector — we have ourselves organized multiple meetings between Icelandic and Lithuanian human rights NGOs which resulted in beautiful partnerships — whereas such behaviour as you have demonstrated simply does not fit with the picture of Icelandic civil society and their support and respect for the work that we do in Lithuania.  

Let me point out that slander, accusatory tone and directing orders at an independent human rights watchdog reflects a poor understanding of the fundamental principles of rights and freedoms. Radicalism and aggression is not acceptable under any pretence, I may only hope that these words shall not fall on deaf ears.

We are independent of the State financing, my team works very hard to fundraise for the critically important legal and political advocacy work that we do - which is not less important than loud actions. We welcome all help that we get from citizens and organisations, however we do not take orders, this is not Putin´s Russia".

In this aggrssive e-mail, where my Icelandic citizenship is made into an issue, instead of responding to my criticism of the institute´s inability to react against antisemitism and Holocaust Obfuscation in Lithuania, Ms. Sakaliené defends the inactivity of the Institute she directs, by dismissing any criticism as orders, radicalism and aggression. She borders on indecency by linking me to Vladimir Putin, just because I allow myself to criticize antisemitic acts in Lithuania, regularly promoted by the Lithuanian government and the municipalities of its two major cities, Vilnius and Kaunas.

Sieg Heil á Geimino
Nazi marches on EU-member state Lithania´s Indipendence Day 11. March 2013 above and below in 2011.

30 September 2015 conference on Antisemitism in Vilnius

Recently, I discovered that the Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Vilnius is hosting an international conference on 30 September in the Novotel Hotel in Vilnius, entitled  Antisemitism, Radicalisation and Violent Extremism  (See the conference program here). The conference is supported by the European Economic Area (EEA), an entity consisting of three Non-EU states, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway, which connect with the organizations of EFTA-states. Switzerland is also a member of the EFTA, but doesn't participate in the aids program of the EEA, whose goals are to give grants to reduce economic and social disparities and to strengthening bilateral relations with 16 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics. Although Norway represent 95.8% of the money spent on grants for EEA projects in EU countries, my home country Iceland which was financially ruined in 2008 by Icelandic banksters is obviously capable of aiding the fight against antisemitism. It is impressive and heart-warming to hear about the good will of small nations like Iceland and especially Norway, who are helping new EU States deal  with the evil of antisemitism. Remembering the rather sad antisemitic history of Iceland, which the nation has never really dealt with (see here and here), and which can explain today´s vivid antisemitic hate speech against Jews in a country with hardly any Jewish population, I am impressed by the will of Iceland to support venues to help Lithuania solve its problem with antisemitism in all forms.

However, when I saw the list of participants, who will gather in the Novotel Hotel on 30 September in Vilnius, I realised that for the most part, the same old foxes are watching the hen house. Members of the Holocaust-revisionist Red-Brown Commission, who are the brains behind the Double Genocide movement, and which actually officially still supports the 2008 Prague Declaration are represented but not one critic of the Commission. It didn´t have a word to say when the state in 2012 reburied with full honours Juozas Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis (see here), the Nazi puppet prime minister who signed papers sending the Jews of Kaunas to their deaths. Is there no limit to bad taste?

I see that Professor Sarunas Liekis, Member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (CoE), is one of the key speakers. Prof. Liekis is one of the people, who made sure with slander and backstabbing that Lithuania lost its only Yiddish professor, Dovid Katz, who in fact was Mr. Liekis former benefactor and teacher. The non-Yiddish-speaking Liekis later was appointed a professor of Yiddish and director of the Yiddish institute at Vilnius University as “reward” for cleansing the institution of any who speak up for Jewish causes. When an antisemitic “artist” was exhibited next door, nine brave young Lithuanians protested, but not a word from Liekis or his institute or his “human rights” buddies whose main purpose is PR for the government in the spirit of the country’s right-wing nationalist sector. In 2011 and in 2015 Liekis missed no chance to trash his former academic mentor Katz (see here). He personally participated in the expulsion of the one Jewish professor from the Yiddish institute at Vilnius University, because that professor is the central figure of the local and international criticism of the antisemitic trends in Lithuania. Is Professor Liekis really the right person to address question of "Response by international community to radicalisation", when he himself as a Lithuanian official contradicts and categorizes any reaction of the international community against antisemitism in Lithuania as slander? When the conference does not invite a single one of the present critics of government policy on antisemitism which sadly includes gifting the centres of Vilnius and Kaunas for neo-Nazi marches on each of Lithuania´s independence days (Kaunas on 16 Feb, commemorating independence of 1918, and Vilnius on 11 March, commemorating 1990).

I also see among the key speakers Ms Faina Kukliansky, who since 2013 has been the chairperson of the Jewish Community of Lithuania. She will talk about "Contemporary forms of antisemitism in Lithuania". This is really interesting since Ms Kukliansky goes against all Jewish traditions and rights when facilitating the wishes of the City Council of Vilnius and the Lithuanian State, who want to build a $25 million convention hall right in the middle of the ancient Jewish Snipiskés Cemetery in Vilnius. She has been defied by many brave members of her own community, ranging from a Holocaust survivor to a young kashruth-supervisor. Her statements have shocked the entire Jewish world (see here). She just fired Lithuania’s chief rabbi after he dared disagree with her and asked that people not dance and cheer surrounded by thousands of graves (see here). Luckily she can’t fire the Vilnius Holocaust survivor who spoke out in The Times of Israel.

Sports Palace 2007 VOV

During my second visit to Lithuania in 2007, when I shot this photo of the Russian Sport Palace, I was told about the Piramont cemetery for the first time.

The Snipiskes cemetery, known as Piramont to generations of Vilna Jews before the Holocaust, was desecrated by the Soviets, when after WWII they built a Sports Palace  in the centre of the cemetery, which goes back to the fifteenth century, and where hundreds of great Jewish scholars still lie buried.

The sacked chief rabbi wrote on his FB that the many historical Jewish figures buried in the cemetery would never have expected that the “fate of their bones… would one day depend on the cognitive processes of the head of a Vilna Jewish community whose heart would be filled with the desire to serve the authorities and find honour in their eyes,”. Is Ms. Kukliansky really the right person to tell about the contemporary forms of antisemitism in Lithuania? Less than a year ago, the Wiesenthal Center took her to task for choosing a far-right nationalist Holocaust revisionist historian as main speaker for Holocaust Remembrance Day (see here).

d_billeder_snipishok_1270657.jpgA view over a small part of the Piramont cemetery in the early 20th Century.

Ms Kukliansy is clearly working for the authorities that want to convene, dance and drink on the location of the ancient Jewish cemetery. With the present tradition of honouring Lithuanian Nazi puppets and collaborators one might expect the Lithuanian authorities to later on give the centre an appropriate name after one of the so-called Lithuanian freedom fighters, who killed Jews without any assistance from the Germans.

Hopefully it will not be the case, but there is a clear danger that the Lithuanian Human Rights Monitoring Institute will on 30 September once again "talk" about antisemitism without addressing the problems of antisemitism in Lithuania, least of all its own steady silence over each and every incident that transpired. The institute according to Ms. Dovilé Sakaliené protests silently and obviously without saying anything else than what the Lithuanian authorities want them to say. That´s clearly how the staff secures its employment and funding.

Thus is the situation of Human rights in Lithuania. And to come back to Mr. Putin of the Kremlin, who director Sakaliené has “befriended me” with, it seems to me that Soviet traditions still are very much alive in Lithuania. Soviet rule has fortunately ended but the Soviet techniques and mindset remain even today when it comes to understanding that human rights watchdogs not affiliated with the government’s gravy train have an important role to play.

A human rights institute, whose experts do not see the many facets of antisemitism in Lithuania, will of course not address any problems and rather react in a fiercely nationalistic manner when critical voices contradicting the official policies are heard. Such an Institute is not able to, and more likely not willing to fight the many shades of antisemitism which are a major problem in the EU-state of Lithuania. 

I am sorry that my native non EU-country helps pay for such a misconceived and misleading waste-of-money roadshow in a European Union capital.

Hiđ vandmeđfarna tjáningarfrelsi


Bókabrennur, ţörf fyrir guđlast og vanvirđingu og eyđileggingu menningar annarra er aftur komin í tísku. Allt frá eyđingu ISIS á menningar- og trúarminjum annarra til Íslands, er eyđilegging og vanvirđing á gildum annars fólks varin međ tjáningarfrelsi.

Sjálfstćđisflokkurinn safnar eins og ađrir flokkar vinsćldum međ eflingu "tjáningarfrelsisins" (sjá hér). Í skjóli ţess vanmeđfarna frelsis er hćgt ađ gera margt. Saga Sjálfstćđisflokksins er verulega menguđ af ógeđi nasismans. Ţađ virđist ekki horfiđ úr gróđrarstíum í Valhöll.

Nú á ađ brenna lögmáliđ - ţađ er tjáningarfrelsi

Í Lundúnum ćtlar frćndur sannra Sjálfstćđismanna ađ ţramma í gegnum hverfi gyđinga á laugardegi (hvíldardeginum) og brenna eintak af Talmud (skýringum á lögmáli Torah gyđinga). Nýnasistarnir hafa bođađ ţennan gjörning sinn ţ. 4. júlí í nafni tjáningarfrelsisins.


Hof eyđilagt í "Menningar"byltingunni. Skurđgođadýrkun kommúnismans ţoldi ekki ađra guđi.

Íslenskir vinstrimenn, trúleysingjar og siđmenntarfólk fagna vitaskuld tillögu sjálfstćđismanna um afnám guđlastsákvćđa íslenskra laga. Sjúkleg ţörfin fyrir ćrlegu guđlasti hefur elt slíkt fólk í árarađir. Ekkert hefur í raun hindrađ gyđingafordóma og andkristilegt athćfi á Íslandi. Íslensk yfirvöld ađhafast ekkert. Andlegir frćndur vinstrimanna hafa eins og kunnugt er líka stundađ bókabrennur, skurđgođaeyđingu, Margir vinstrimenn er til í ađ vernda ţá sem eyđa menningu annarra og tala um eyđingu ţjóđa, t.d. Isis og Hamas. 

Mótmćlum !

Vilji menn mótmćla göngu nasista ţ. 4. júlí í Lundúnum mćli ég međ ţví ađ ţađ sé gert hér.

(Hér geta menn mótmćlt Jóni Val Jenssyni, sem telur ađ hann geti lastađ guđum annarra, en ađ hans Guđ sé sá eini sem ekki megi lasta).

Fräulein Hauptmann á Iceland Review


Ung ţýsk kona, Katharina Hauptmann ađ nafni, hefur skrifađ fyrir Iceland Review og t.d. Wall Street International, og er víst sérfrćđingur í gyđingahatri, ţegar hún er ekki barţjónn í Reykjavík. Hún kemur líka frá ţví menningarsvćđi ţar sem fyrirbćriđ gyđingahatur hefur náđ hćstum hćđum á síđari tímum. Er ţví nokkur furđa, ađ hún sé sérfrćđingur í ţessu ljóta fyrirbćri? En fyrir gyđingahatri hefur stúlkan víst aldrei orđiđ, svo hvernig hún veit hvernig ţađ er, er mér ekki fyllilega ljóst.

Í hvert sinn sem gyđingar gangrýna Ísland fyrir gyđingahatur sem fram kemur á alţjóđlegum vettvangi er ţessi kona, sem býr á Íslandi, farin á kreik til ađ segja öllum ađ gyđingahatur sé alls ekki til á Íslandi og ađ ekkert vandamál sé ţar til stađar.

Ţetta gerđi hún áriđ 2011(sjá hér) og aftur á FB sinni í sl. mánuđi, ţegar birtist frekar léleg grein eins af deildarstjórum SWC (Simon Wiesenthal Center), sem hafđi uppgötvađ sjúkt myndband eftir íslenskan listamann. (Sjá skjámynd af FB Hauptmanns  neđst).

Kona ţessi telur greinilega ekki ađ gyđingahatur getir veriđ til stađar í landi ef í ţví búi engir eđa mjög fáir gyđingar. Ţó samlandar hennar fyrr á árum hafi nćr veriđ búnir ađ myrđa alla gyđinga Evrópu međ dyggri ađstođ ýmissa annarra ţjóđa, og ađ gyđinga sé nćri ađeins ađ finna á söfnum í sumum löndum ţar sem Helförin fór fram, ţýđir ţađ ţó ekki ađ gyđingahatriđ hafi horfiđ. Ţađ er enn til í Ţýskalandi og fjölda landa í miđ og austur-Evrópu. Mađur verđur svo sannarlega var viđ ţađ. Önnur rök hennar eru eins og eitthvađ glamur í drukkinni menntaskólapíu. "Ađeins 2 % Íslendinga eru kaţólikkar" skrifar Hauptmann. "Ţrátt fyrir ţađ hata ađrir Íslendingar ekki íslenska kaţólikka". Ţetta á, ađ mati Fräulein Hauptmann, ađ sýna ţađ fjarstćđukennda í ađ nokkur á Íslandi sé gyđingahatari.

Nú vill svo vel til, ađ kona ţessi sankar ađ sér vinum á Facebook sem deila međ henni skođunum sem verđur hreint út sagt ađ gera Wall Street International viđvart um og ţađ viđ fyrsta tćkifćri. Ţýsk Fräulein međ slíka vini getur vitanlega ekki skrifađ fyrir Wall Street International.

Međal ţeirra er bandaríski ríkisborgarinn Ted Theewen ađ nafni. Í mars sl. skrifađi ţessi mađur, sem er greinilega er satanisti og gyđingahatari í ofanálag ţetta á FB Katharinu Hauptmanns, og hún lét ţađ óáreitt:

Jews are all for making fun of other religions until it´s their turn. There is an old Polish proverb: The harder a Jew hits you, the louder he cries out in pain. I´ve noticed that Iceland is under a systematic attack by Zionist interests. I´m sure the attacks will stop once you give them something. A Holocaust museum usually shuts them up for a while.

Svo mörg voru orđ FB-vinar Katharinu Hauptmann. Skrif hennar og dómur hennar um gyđingahatur á Íslandi voru hér vegin og léttvćg fundin. Fräulein Hauptmann, greinarhöfundur á Iceland Review og Wall Street International er alls ekki dómbćr á gyđingahatur frekar en ţeir gyđingahatarar sem hún vingast viđ á FB.

Iceland Review er lítill sómi í ađ ráđ slíka manneskju til ađ rýna í íslenskt ţjóđfélag Benedikt Jóhannesson, ESB sinni í öđru veldi, rćđur ţar ríkjum og ćtti ađ vita ţađ. Nýlega greindi hann sannarlega ástandiđ rétt er hann sagđi ađ Ţýskaland réđi öllu í ESB (sjá hér). Ţađ má líka til sanns vegar fćra, ađ langt er of gengiđ ţegar ţýskar fraukur eru farnir ađ tjá sig um tilfinningar gyđinga í íslenskum ţjóđernisglansblöđum á ensku, líkt og ţćr vćru sérfrćđingar í ţeim efnum. Ćtli Hauptmann hafi bođiđ Wall Street Journal greinar sínar um gyđinghatriđ á Íslandi, ţar sem hún segir m.a. ađ sérfrćđingur Simon Wiesenthalstofnunarinnar sé bjáni? Nei, ćtli ţađ? En best er ađ spyrja...


Zensurstelle Gamlar Glansmyndir


Nýlega bauđ einn ágćtur blogg- og facebókarvina minna mér inn í lokađan hóp á FB sem ber nafniđ Gamlar Ljósmyndir.

Ég skođađi oft myndir á ţessari síđu og gat í fáeinum tilvikum gefiđ upplýsingar sem menn leituđu ađ. Ţađ er gaman af skođa gamlar ljósmyndir. Ţćr stađfesta hve ung viđ erum.


Fyrir um ţađ bil viku síđan gerđi ég athugasemd um bílamynd og setti ţessa mynd af konu sem vann "dýrlingsbílinn" í vöruhappadrćtti SÍBS áriđ 1969 og ég spurđi menn um númeriđ á gráa silfurlitađa Volvo 1800 bílnum sem ók um götur Reykjavíkurborgar áđur en konan á Hringbrautinni vann hvítan bíl sömu gerđar. Meir ađ segja Egill Helgason bauđ (rangt) í númeriđ á gráa Volvóinum en man vel eftir honum eins og ég. Allir strákar vildu eiga svona bíl.

Svo gerist ţađ ađ ég er fjarlćgđur af FB-hópnum Gamlar Ljósmyndir. Ţađ ţykir mér auđvitađ skrýtiđ og hef samband viđ Guđjón Friđriksson sagnfrćđing sem er einn af umsjónarmönnum Gamalla Ljósmynda. Hann kunni engar skýringar á ţessu. Fólk sem hafđi lćkađ fćrslur mínar og gert umsagnir viđ myndir ţćr sem ég setti inn tóku ađ hafa samband viđ mig og spyrja mig hvort ég vćri hćttur í hópnum.

Ég hćtti ekki og fjarlćgđi mig heldur ekki úr ţessum fríđa flokki sem nú telur yfir 4500 manns. Ég varđ hins vegar fyrir ritskođun, ţví á Íslandi eru ákveđnar fígúrur úr sögu Íslands, sem voru ljósmyndađar, álíka heilagar og spámađurinn mikli er fyrir ţorra núslíma. Ég móđgađi minningu Gunnars Gunnarssonar međ ţví ađ birta myndir af honum í Ţýskalandi, t.d. mynd af Gunnari ţar sem hann kemur stoltur af fundi hjá Hitler.


Gunnar er hetja á Íslandi


Ţađ voru fjandakorniđ ekki myndir af konungskomunni áriđ 1921 sem ég birti međ spurningu um hvar mađur gćti skođađ kvikmynd Bíó-Petersens um komuna, eđa mynd af Ingibjörgu Sólrúnu Gísladóttur međ útrásarvíkingum í Kaupmannahöfn sem ollu útilokuninni. Ég birti líka mynd af Hermanni Jónassyni í Danska sendiráđinu áriđ 1937, ţar sem hann sagđi skođanir sínar á gyđingum.

Nei, mig grunar ađ Gunnar Gunnarsson sé svo helgur sumum framsóknarkommunum á Íslandi, ađ ekkert megi segja um hann og engar myndir megi birtast af honum. Gunnarsstofa á Skriđuklaustri birtir t.d. engar myndir af Gunnari ţar sem hann er á sjarmaferđ međal nasista í Ţýskalandi. Ég hélt ţví fram á Gamlar Ljósmyndir ađ hann hefđi veriđ nasisti, gagnstćtt mönnum eins og Hannesi Hólmsteini Gissurarsyni sem hafa hreinsađ hann međ ţeim barnalegu rökum ađ Gunnar hefđi ekki getađ vitađ neitt um ósköpin sem síđar hentu gyđinga og ađra. Ţađ er auđvita tóm tjara. Gunnar vissi vel hvađ var ađ gerast í Ţýskalandi fram til 1939.


Hermann í Danska sendiráđinu í Reykjavík sama kvöldiđ og hann lýsti ţví yfir ađ Ísland vćri hreint, norrćnt land og ađ allir gyđingar sem inn í landiđ hefđu komist myndu verđa sendir út aftur.


Ţormars ţáttur Skriđu

Svo vill til ađ mađur međ ćttanafniđ Ţormar ćsti sig mjög viđ gamla ljósmynd af Gunnari Gunnarssyni sem ég setti inn. Hann upplýsti ađ hann vćri afkomandi bónda sem selt hefđi Gunnari Skriđuklaustur.

Einn eiganda kaffihússins Babalú á Skólavörđustígnum skildi einnig eftir sig athugasemd ţar sem hann taldi óviđeigandi ađ birta mynd af Gunnari hjá Hitler. Ég vissi ekki betur en ađ mađurinn sem Gunnar heimsótti í Berlín hafi myrti suma ćttingja annars eiganda Babalús,sem reyndar er giftur ţeim sem taldi myndina óviđeigandi á "Gömlum ljómyndum".


Svo skemmtilega vill til ađ annar mađur međ ćttarnafniđ Ţormar er einnig umsjónamađur á FB-Gamlar Ljósmyndir. Ég hef spurt hann líkt og Guđjón Friđriksson sagnfrćđing. Andstćtt Friđrik er Sigurđur Ţormar ţögull sem gröfin.

Menn ćttu ekki ađ kalla sig "Charlie Hedbo", ef ţeir ţola ekki ađ sjá Gunnar Gunnarsson í nasistaham. Fólk sem fárast yfir spámannamyndum, ţolir greinilega ekki ljósmyndir af Gunnari Gunnarssyni ţegar hann kemur međ sćlusvip af fundi međ Hitler.

Ritskođun sú og útilokun sem ég varđ fyrir á Gömlum Ljósmyndum sýnir mér ýmislegt. Frelsiđ er svo sem svo á Íslandi. Ég er ţó ţakklátur fyrir ađ ég hafi ađeins veriđ veriđ útilokađur en ekki hálshöggvinn. S(Í)S liđar Gamalla Ljósmynda eru enn í DDR-ađferđunum. Kannski koma blóđugri dagar?

Ţađ er gaman ađ skođa gamlar ljósmyndir, ţćr stađfesta hve ung viđ erum og á stundum hve forstokkuđ, fasísk og afdalaleg viđ erum. Afdalamenn ćttu ekki ađ pćla í gömlum ljósmyndum.  Ţađ er ţeim ekki hollt. Ég mćli međ glansmyndafeisbók fyrir slíkt fólk.


Ég birti reyndar einnig ţessa mynd á "Gömlum Glansmyndum" degi áđur en mér var úthýst ţar, en mér var vitanlega ljóst ađ hún vćri of eitruđ fyrir gömlu ráđsstjórnina á FB-Gamlar Ljósmyndir. Hún er samt svo gömul, ađ flestir Samfylkingarmenn sem ég ţekki, eru búnir ađ gleyma ţví ţegar Imba hélt ţví fram í Kaupmannahöfn áriđ 2008 (mars) ađ íslenskt efnahagslíf vćri "sterkt og sveigjanlegt".

Svo ég upplýsi alla "glćpi" mína á Gömlum Glansmyndum, ţá birti ég líka ţessa filmu um daginn:

Nćsta síđa »


Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson
Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson



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