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Danish Police and and justice system are mocking justice - once again

Nearly one year after terrorist Omar El-Hussein, who was a Danish citizen, killed two men in Copenhagen, Danish media reports that the Danish police has withheld information regarding the attacks. Omar El-Hussein had a miniature version of the Quran with gilded letters on his person when the Police shot him dead.  Why the Danes and the international community were not supposed to know about this religious detail of the Copenhagen terror attack on 15 February 2015, until it is leaked out to the press nearly one year after the terror attack? That great mystery Justice minister Sřren Pind  and his former colleague Mette Frederiksen, who was the minister of Justice when the terrorist act was committed, now has to clarify to the Danes as well as to the world.



In the late 1940s Danish Police and Ministry of Justice did everything possible not to prosecute Danish terrorists of the Waffen-SS and other units who committed crimes against Jews and other European citizens during WWII. It is seemingly still impossible for Danish authorities to prosecute Danish war criminal at large. In fact Justice Minister Sřren Pind has in a resent letter responding to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, and which took him half a year to write, made it quite clear that Danish authorities are not really willing to clarify all details about Danish terrorism during WWII.

The pathetic tradition of Danish conceal continues.

How come Danish Police authorities hid the fact that a terrorist, who committed a horrific terrorist act in Copenhagen was carrying a copy of the Holy Quran? 

We don't know, whether El-Hussein was carrying the Quoran when killing film director Finn Nřrgaard (55) at a public meeting on Freedom of expression and economist Dan Uzan (37) in front of the Copenhagen main Synagogue where Uzan was volunteering as a guard during a bat mizvah in the Jewish community house behind the synagogue.

But might the fact that the Danish authorities were hiding terrorist Omar El-Hussein's Quran, reveal the importance of the Quran for modern day anti-Semitism and terrorism? Why did the Danish authorities hide El-Hussein's Quran from the public and the press?

Start talking Mr. Pind and Mrs. Frederiksen! Or are you going to tell us that if Omar El-Hussein had carried the full-scale edition of the Quran it could have protected him from the bullets?



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