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Icelandic Police Bared


Dear friends,

Icelandic Police authorities, which in the second half of the 20th century were led by two prominent members of the Icelandic Nazi Party of the 1930s, are still making headlines for stupidity and breach of morality.

Icelandic web-news Heimildin and daily Morgunblađiđ report that three female members of the Reykjavík district Police (Lögreglan á Höfuđborgarsćđinu) attended a seminar in Poland, to be more precise in Oswiecim - the town adjacent to the Auschwitz extermination camp. The seminar was held by the Icelandic Polish authorities in October and November. The visit to Poland Poland was a part of a course on fighting hate crimes.

During the seminar, three Icelandic Police-women ordered a Polish male stripper to their own amusement at a hotel they were staying at.

The course for Icelandic Policemen on Hate-crimes started in Reykjavík last October. A part of the course was the visit to Auschwitz. The purpose of the (s)trip to Poland was described in the following terms in the program for the course, which was written in an exceptionally bad Icelandic:

"The first part of the course deals with prejudice, hate and extremist by investigating how prejudice towards Jews and other groups increased during the Nazi era in Germany. During that time policemen were participants in the approach to exterminate Jews, and their role was to implement laws which in fact made Jews "illegal". Actions against Roma-people, people with disabilities, gay people and others was undertaken in the same manner."

The Icelandic Police authorities are still pondering what to do with the three sex-crazed policewomen, who were so "needy" that they had to order a Polish male stripper during a course on hate crimes and genocide. Where these poor women drunk during the course, or does the  Reykjavík police force consist of people with some mental problems which causes need for seeking  saucy sexual services in foreign lands? Whatever the reason is, Icelanders never stop to amaze me.

Back in 2010 some British tourists got high from sexual services in the neighbourhood of Auschwitz-Birkenau, after having visited the camp (see here).

It has to be mentioned, that few years back the Reykjavík Police Force has been engaged in American-Style extreme Police enforcement by using illegitimate emblems (Blue Line and similar symbols) which they had received from extremist colleagues in the USA and Sweden. The emblems had been  attached illegally to their Icelandic uniforms. NO legal measures were taken against the member of the Reykjavík Police that engaged in the American emblem perversities, some of them also active in rouge actions against Roma immigrants in Iceland.

While the Reykjavík Police teaches about the fate of the Roma in Auschwitz, they might consider a discussion about the situation of the Roma people who are living and working in Iceland. 

The questions which must be asked are: 1) Are racists and Nazis still working in the Icelandic Police force? 2) Can Icelandic Police be customers of strippers in other countries, when Icelandic law forbids strip all together?

The real reason for the craving of the three Icelandic Police-women is most likely to be found in the exceptional double standards of their home country. In March 2010, Iceland outlawed striptease under a law passed by the Icelandic Parliament (Alţingi). It is an offence in Iceland, for any business, to profit from the nudity of its employees. No other European country has subsequently implemented a strip club ban. Strip clubs and nudity among their employees remains legal in most of Europe.

Most likely the real problem in Iceland, as usual, are double standards. 

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