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Looney British Politicians are still at large in the the EU - Please complete the Brexit!


British Liberal Democrat politician, Chris Davies, most notorious for his his blatant anti-Semitism, now chairs the Commission of Fisheries in the EU.  On the eve of British EU-membership, Mr. Davies engages in bashing Iceland and Greenland for fishing mackerel. 

Mr. Davies now threatens a new Cod-war against Iceland and uses similar hate-speech as he did in his Jew-hating heydays, ornate with gutter language and primitive threats of a cod-war against Iceland and Greenland (interestingly not against Russia).

In 2006 this sad and angry man from England was forced to resign as the leader of the  British Liberal Democrat party in the European Parliament. The reason for the degradation was a series of anti-Semitic attacks:

Davies war forced to resign in 2006 due to the tone of multiple emails he exchanged with a Jewish constituent. Davies accused the Jewish constituent of "wallowing in your own filth"; accused Israel of "posing as a victim" while pursuing "racist policies of apartheid" and had written "I shall denounce the influence of the Jewish lobby that seems to have far too great a say over the political decision-making process in many countries." Party Leader Sir Menzies Campbell called his comments "unacceptable".

Davies statements now, regarding renewed British cod-war against Iceland is also totally "unacceptable". A politician, who is ready to start a war against a fellow NATO member-state because of fisheries, is a blowfish gone totally mad.

Now, after Chris Davies´ anti-Semitism, (not only bound to the Labour Party if someone ever believed that) Mr. Davies is mackerel bashing Iceland, Greenland and Russia.  According to Mr. Chris Davies twisted fish-racism, the mackerel is supposed to be an all-European Union species, which probably travels the sees on a British passport, speaking Norwegian, but is also fluent in Danish and knows the art of Faroese deception.

Anti-Semite Davies is brexiting any time soon. His time as the cod-father of the EU commission on fisheries is over.
Does the EU want to maintain its totally destructive fishery policy and engage in a war with a 350.000 large populations which traditionally makes large part of its livelihood from fisheries? Is the luck of a still smaller nation, the Greenlanders, when the all-European fish mackerel dares to swim into Greenland waters, to be attacked by the EU in a cod-war. If so, let the British anti-Semites and mackerel-bashers loose and show us again the true face of the EU - expressing the only thing the EU seems to be good at in its enormous hypocricy: GREED.

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