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As Nice as Ninepence

China jokes
Aye, aye, how good it was to get General Pence, the Second Gunner in Command, to Little Iceland, instead of the Great Orange One and Top Gun, Donald. Even the gesticulations and body language of Pence was very similar to Saint Catherine, the Prime Mam of Iceland. Their common ancestry in Ireland was obvious to everyone.

Is there a Dermatologist in the House

After listening to Iceland´s secretary of State skinless speech for 40 minutes, Pence said: Is there a dermatologist in the house?

With a busy seven hour schedule in Iceland, Mike wasted no time. He mentioned Enemy # 1, not less than 28 times and Enemy # 2, 27 times. China seems to be the only thing on his Indiana mind.

We can thank 2d Gunner´s short visit to the fact that The Great Orange Leader is not of Icelandic extraction (thank Gott in Himmel für that). Donald never bought an estate in Iceland. Just arriving from the Emerald island of his ancestors, 60 year old Mike Pence, had no place to sleep at in Iceland. Saint Catherine modest home was not big enough for him, and after all some terrorist live in the block just across the street from Saint Chatherines Convent. During his stay in Ireland Mike insulted the Old country by insisting he wanted to stay on the Great Orange Leaders estate in County Balagan (see here). A sleep-over in Iceland was thus an impossibility.

Terrorist accross the strait

The terrorist accross the street resently showed Saint Catherine some Pence self-defence tricks.

Well, to sum it up: It is so sad that Pence is not the president of the US. But who knows, he might turn to his Democrat roots in Columbus Indiana, when Big Orange fires him for blocking the filters in the huge jacuzzi at the Orange castle in County Balagan - with his balls - golf balls that is.

Orange ball

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