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Two Norwegian artists stone a young girl to death


The Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) on Park Avene in Tacoma, in the great state of Washington, is such a peaceful place. Here the nice Scandinavian, Lutheran legacy has been cherished since 1890, when the university was founded by some great Norwegian pioneers. Hardly anything bad can be said about Scandinavian humanitarian legacy of the Nordic Lutherans, which is promoted intensively to predominately blond and blue eyed kids at the PLU.

A month ago, on 13 January 2016, an exhibition was opened at the Scandinavian Studies Department of the Lutheran University. It was entitled "Forgotten Nordics: Ethnic Diversity and National Narratives". At that exhibition one could see a photograph of a young girl, who was denied asylum in Norway in 2013. She was allegedly sent back to Iran, her home country, where she was killed - stoned to death. This was at least the information which the curator of the exhibition got from two famous Norwegian artists Hĺvard Vikhagen and Helga Bu. The curator's colleagues and all the guest believed the story, for what is bad in the minds of many Americans? Any Government for sure, and certainly criminal states like Iran, which undeniably have stoned women to their death until recently. 

Stoning is certainly a hideous acts, so unlike anything Nordic and Scandinavian, where women haven't been burned on the stakes since the 17th century and for instance Jews in Denmark haven´t been expelled by the Danish Lutheran Government to Nazi Germany since 1943.  Even the worst hate-crimes in Tacoma seem to fade in comparison to this horrific Norwegian-Iranian joint venture. What is an arson attacks on the local synagogue in Tacoma compared to a stoning in Iran.  The attacks on Temple Beth El, happened right after Sept. 11 and just before the Jewish High Holy Days. Someone spray-painted "Zionism plus U.S. equals 5,000 dead" on the parking lot (See here). One can just hope that such acts are not born out of the Lutheran mindset.

When I read about the exhibition and the refugee girl on the blog (also here; The text of the blog has been slightly modified since January 2016) of an American-Icelandic Scholar, who is now working at the Lutheran University in California, I could not recall any incidence in Norway, where an Iranian girl had been denied asylum, and expelled to meet hear certain death by stoning.

I contacted the author of the blog 50/50, Elisabeth Ida Ward, and got in touch with the Norwegian authorities, who had no information on such an atrocity, committed in a joint venture by the Norwegian government and the regime of the Ayatollahs in Tehran. Finally I found the e-mail address of Helga Bu, one of the artist responsible for the photograph at the exhibition in Tacoma. I wrote her and asked who the girl on the picture was: This is Hega Bu's short response:


Dette arbeidet som fremstiller en ung jente er bare en illustrasjon.

Vi ville gjennom dette portrettet sette sřkelyset pĺ asylpolitikken.

Beste hilsen fra Helga Bu


Hi! This work, which shows a young girl, is only an illustration.

We wanted through this portrait to highlight the asylum policy.

Best regards from Helga Bu

There we have it folks. The awful truth was fortunately much nicer than the "reality" of the two Norwegian artists. They were simply working in the Scandinavian tradition of dark fiction, where the main issue is to blame everything bad in the world on decisions and policy in one's own part of the world - and the Jews too of course. The stoning of a girl in Iran after an expulsion from Norway was a simply a bad saga to fool the Americans. But it was successful, because everyone in Tacoma believed it. Didn't they?

Fortunately the girl in the picture, whoever she is, wasn't stoned due to a Norwegian expulsion, nor Iranian terror. She was stoned by two artists who believe that a cheap trick is a good way of illustrating for gullible Americans the "horrors" of asylum policy in Norway.

If anyone knows the girl in the picture, who was killed by art, peace and understanding, sometimes practised in Scandinavia behind a rather sleazy humanitarian mask, please let her know that the law in Norway and in USA makes her bound for a considerable compensation. Artists cannot go around stoning innocent girls to death without facing the consequences.

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