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An instant president in a cup

ar-160509227_1281889.jpgIcelandic first-lady-to-be, Eliza Reid, is a woman who knows what she wants - but I am buying the movie-rights for the film 'President in a cup - an Oxford-romance'?

The following is from a great interview on Hit Iceland (not too hard I hope, although a quite a lot of Icelanders need a thorough spanking):

"Our names were drawn together for a blind date," says Eliza. "Well, that is the short version. Guđni was studying for his doctor’s degree in history and I for my master's degree. At the time, we were having a fundraiser for the rowing team – where we were both rowing. The guys on the team all had these cups with their names on them, all arranged in a row. The girls got tickets with their names and were supposed to put them in different cups. The guys would then draw one ticket from their cup and ask the lucky girl out on a date. I had ten tickets and instead of putting them into ten different cups I put eight of them into Guđni's. I liked him a lot and thought I would tilt the balance a little in my favor. I refrained from putting all ten of my tickets into his cup, as I didn't want him to think I was some crazy stalker. Well, he drew one of my tickets and took me out to this very nice Italian restaurant the very next day. I was duly impressed. I had expected a kebab or something simple. We were, after all, students." (More in an interview here).

Fancyeeee Guđni, an Italian restaurant! This proves that student's loans in Iceland are were far too generous.


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