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The big-Cocked anti-Semitic Satire of Iceland ejaculates again


Former Foreign Minister of Iceland, Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson, rides on a wave of conceited fame, as the Icelandic politician who stood up for the Baltic States when they announced independence from the Soviet Union. However, and as a matter of fact, the idea for Iceland's political support for the new Baltic states didn´t originate in Mr. Hannibalsson head. Due to Mr. Hannibalsson flair for timing, Iceland has been honoured with a renaming of a street in the city centre of Vilnius the capital of Lithuania.

Since the hay days of his political career, Mr. Hannibalsson´s star has fallen very low in the far horizon. His strange statements and quirky sexual conduct has most likely prevented a "Hannibalsson Street" in the Baltic.

After a self-inflected blow to his career, Mr. Hannibalsson is mostly famous for his hateful verbal attacks on Israel in the Icelandic media. In 2011 he compared Israel with Nazi Germany. Now he compares the IS-terrorists in Paris to Israel.

Let us put the record straight, now when the ambassador of Israel to Iceland, Mr. Raphael Schutz has protested.  It is really an honour that Mr. Hannibalsson shows the world his raging anti-Semitism. This is the man who described him self as a "horny and big-cocked goat below the waste" and as a "Satyricon" (meaning a Satire), in letters he wrote to an underage girl, a family member of his wife. These fantasies took the better of Hannibalsson when he was Iceland's ambassador in Washington. He wrote his sexual harassing letters on the letterhead of the Icelandic Embassy. The upper half of this big-cocked goat is a human being, who uses the eve of his life to spread venomous hate. What do we call such a strange animal? A Low Grade European Politican.

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One of Mr. Hannibalsson's erotomaniac letters to a young Icelandic girl.

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Most people think that Israel is like Nazi Germany. Most Icelanders I know, also think Jón Baldvin is perverted in light of this letter. Most of us like Jews very much but are also tired of your self righteous self pity and that of the Israelis. Now go to sleep, and wake up with a little love for the country you live in. Alternatively you can always move to Israel!

Dagga (IP-tala skráđ) 16.11.2015 kl. 21:29

2 Smámynd: Gunnar Rögnvaldsson

Dear readers

There are two words missing here.

"Most EU-brainwashed people think that Israel is like Nazi Germany."

This is so because the new Europhile-sozialismus is the new grand Continental Hegelian European aliby for poor Germany et.al from its horrible past.

It's of course sad for the Eruophiles to discover that the Experimental Homeless Nation --the NationState deprived Jewis People-- gave a shit for this conceptual EU-nonsese, and instead founded their own National Home in their own Nation-State (a Biblical concept the Europhiles hate above everything else) and started to defend themselfs in their own home.

The State of Israel needs therefore to be delegitimized according to the Eruophile view, because its existence means in reality an immed existential  drive-in funeral for the whole grand EU-theory of herr E(U) Kant; The Lennonian bullshit of Imaginal Perceptual Peace rubbish

Yoram Hazony has in one of his excellent Jerusalem Letters written an excellent piece about this distorted Europhile world view: Israel Through European Eyes


Gunnar Rögnvaldsson

An Icelander

Gunnar Rögnvaldsson, 17.11.2015 kl. 01:36

3 Smámynd: Gunnar Rögnvaldsson


I wish we had our own Yoram Hazony here in Iceland. We need people like him.



Gunnar Rögnvaldsson, 17.11.2015 kl. 01:43

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